Sunday, 10 July 2011

Teething Bling Pendant

We were kindly given a Teething bling pendant from Teething bling UK to test and review. We all know how much babies and young toddlers love to grab and chew everything and a lot of parents are put off wearing their treasured/expensive jewellery because of it. But not anymore..Teething bling has now became available in the UK, They have a range of jewellery of pendants and bangles available in a wide range of colours from Jade to Onyx and Mother of pearl to Coral. Most pendants have matching bangles!

 These are great at keeping little ones quiet at times when its needed and because its attached to you, you have no worries of it getting lost, the 2x2 inch donut come safely attached to a long silky cord. The teething bling is dishwasher safe so no problems keeping it for your little bundle and they are made from the same materials as many teething toys. All products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure, and the jewellery carries the CE mark meeting strict european safety standards. Children of any age should not be left unattended with jewellery of any kind.

On arrival of our new Teething bling pendant it came with its own information card explaining about the jewellery and the materials its made from and it came in a lovely lilac drawstring bag. The pendant we received was grey in colour so suitable to match with most of my clothing, I quite expected the pendant to be hard but its not its quite soft, smooth and bendable, just the ideal size and thickness for baby to fit in their tiny mouth and a nice size for them to hold. The black silky cord is really strong my 13mnth old has pulled it from all directions and there is no sign of any give to the material.
One thing to be aware of though when wearing it, because the necklace is quite long Freya was able to pull it over her head too and therefore it became quite tight, she was on my knee at the time so i quickly removed it from her. The necklace does have a safety clasp which if pulled extremely tight it does open so that is a very positive point and you do have the option of shortening the cord and re-knotting it but you will have to cut off the rest of the unwanted cord pieces.
 Freya took one look at the pendant and it was straight in her mouth, she even stroked the smooth pendant across her cheek as she enjoyed a little snuggle so maybes shes thinking this could be used in other ways like a comforter!  I love how it looks like an actual gem stone, and there are many colours available. They would make a great baby shower gift as its something different and unusual and is great for both Mummy and baby. Priced at £12.95 each for the pendants and £8.95 for the bangle that does the job as a piece of safe jewellery and a teether you really cant go wrong. If you can't decide between pendants or bangles you can opt for a Teething bling gift card.

 For more info and to view and purchase Teething bling from

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Due to unforeseen circumstances we can no longer test the Quinny Senzz

It has now came to light that due to unforeseen circumstances that are completely out of Quinny's control, we can no longer test the Quinny Senzz pushchair, as much as we are deeply saddened by this sad news, i can say we will be testing a brand new product from Quinny soon. So please watch this space to find out what fantastic product we will be testing and reviewing!

Quote from Quinny UK-

Unfortunately we’ve just been informed by production that due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be able to issue our proposed Casters with a Quinny Senzz to test. After much deliberation and careful consideration Quinny has had to take the decision not to continue with the Senzz Caster programme. This is purely down to time constraints.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

WOW..We have been chosen to be a Quinnycaster for the new Senzz pushchair

Yesterday was an amazing day, oh boy was it not! A short while ago Quinny were asking for people with a child under 3 and who had written a nursery product review or had a blog page to review products to apply to become a Quinnycaster to test and review the new Senzz pushchair.

As you can imagine hundreds of people applied and only 20 people would be chosen. I didn't think i stood much of a chance as my luck is never that good. So i filled out an email  anyway and sent it off to Quinny, never expected to hear again. Weeks went past and on Wednesday 6th July 2011 whilst checking my mobile for email updates eagerly awaiting that longed for message, it came! I was over the moon and totally lost for words. I yelped so loud even Freya got a shock. I checked and checked again to make sure it was correct and that the email had come from Quinny. I was overwhelmed with happiness. Our first challenge set by Quinny was to remain underwaps and not to go public about our fantastic news. Well i have to say it was the longest 24hrs ever, i was beaming with joy and wanted to shout my brilliant news from the roof tops but naughty Quinny made us keep quiet until it was announced officially the following day.

Now its just a waiting game for the Senzz arrival to its new home and we are very much excited on testing it out and sharing with our wonderful followers our journey along the way. Watch this space for many pics and videos (when i work out how) and our personal product review.