Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Yezz has finally arrived

 Yay the brand new Quinny Yezz has finally arrived with us today after months and months of waiting, unfortunately i was at work when the Yezz was delivered so i got a lovely surprise to see the little brown box waiting for me when i got home.  

Here's a quick run through of Yezz's features:  RRP: £175. Suitable from 6months the Yezz has a sturdy polyester seat that is rip & abrasion-proof, colourfast, water and stain resistant. The frame uses IXEF, a high performance glass fibre compound making the frame ultra-light & extremely strong. The Yezz comes complete with a hood (sun canopy) a full 5 point integral safety harness that is adjustable & has 3 different height levels.There is a pocket at the back of the seat unit that can take a max weight of 4.4lb.

Please note the raincover does not come with the Yezz it is sold separately as an accessory RRP £25 available from March.

Dimensions of the Yezz and weight:
The weight of the whole pushchair (frame & seat fabric) is 5kg.
The weight of the frame on its own is 4.3kg.
The height of the Yezz is 105.5cm, from front to back  is 75cm and the width of the Yezz is 56cm.
When folded the measurements are 23.5cm/ 68.5cm & 27cm.

The Yezz comes packaged in two separate bags inside one small box, one containing the black frame and wheels and the other containing the seat fabric whih may i add we chose the beautiful Pink Hybrid and I'm loving the shade. At first i was thinking where is the raincover until i remembered this is an accessory sold separately and as these aren't yet available until about March time Quinny are very kindly going to send us a Zapp raincover to use in the meantime.

As the stroller comes in two parts the seat fabric needs to be attached to the frame by using the super strong climbing rope loops that fix on to notches at various points on the Yezz, i did find this a little tough to loop the rope over as they are quite tough and aren't bendy thin rope pieces that you may be imagining.

After i had read the instructions and finding it was near impossible to get the final loops over the notches and nearly giving up after battling with it for 10mins, i realised that i hadn't actually looked at the instructions properly ( i was too excited to take my time and do it how i was supposed too) and it does show you not to fully lock the pushchair our properly so then you can easily attach the roped loops. Folding and unfolding took me abit of getting used to, mainly because its different from any other pushchair that I've had. At the top of the Yezz is a little black cover that opens up and you press in a little grey button and with your foot push up the plastic part of the frame. This part i found to be really stiff, i was kinda scared to put any force onto it with my foot in case i broke it. But so far it seems to be incredibly strong! The handles turn in to make the yezz more compact and it locks itself together when folded right down with a carry strap on the back. The wheels are fab, they made of rubber & are the same kind of wheels your would find on a roller blade, so very durable.  

The Yezz is so light to push it literally just glides, it is so smooth! But because it's so light i wouldn't advise you put any weight (shopping etc) onto the stroller. We haven't tested it outside yet so that will be our next challenge. The seat unit itself is quite deep and roomy. I thought it would have been similar to the Quinny Zapp but it is larger and although it doesn't recline it does seem slightly more reclined then the original Zapp but only slightly. The only thing that i found was that the distance from the actual seat to the footrest isn't very long and Freya is only 18 months and already her feet hang over the footrest area, and when her feet do rest on it her knees come up quite a bit, so i think for a slightly older child it may be an issue.

The brakes are quite similar to the likes of the Zapp's and the Buzz with an off/on button on either side.
I'm looking forward to using this in challenging conditions and seeing how it compares to our Buzz.
Stay tuned to see how Freya and myself get on with Quinny missions and how the Yezz withstands being put through its paces.


Monday, 12 December 2011

Quinny Yezz video

Be the first to view the Quinny Yezz video, its unique & clever, great for the city life. Take a look and see what you think. Do you love it or hate it?

Click on the link to view-

Pink hybrid

Purple rush

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I'm pleased to announce we will be testing the........Quinny Yezz

Well folks today is the day i have been waiting for...after a very long wait the email from Quinny regarding what pushchair we will be testing has arrived and I'm pleased to announce that me and Freya will be testing the brand new Quinny Yezz, we have chosen the lovely hybrid pink colour, a perfect stroller for everyday city challenges. We should hopefully be receiving the Yezz just in time before Christmas and the testing will begin.
The Yezz's RRP is £175 and comes in a range of colours including the beautiful Pink Hybrid , the colours available are- Grey road, Blue track, Red signal, Purple rush, Green curve, and Yellow move. It has skating wheels and are rubber coated for a smooth ride, the frame is made from a high performance glass fibre material which allows it to be super strong yet still light weight. The seat & hood fabric are made from similar materials to that of a paraglider's. The durable pieces are held in place with pre-stretched climbing rope giving it super strength.  The raincover however  is not included and is sold seperately.

Quinny quotes-
"The Quinny Yezz is the first buggy made entirely of IXEF®, a high performance plastic. This means it not only has an extremely lightweight frame, but also a strong one. The fabric used for the seat is similar to parachute fabric. Light, strong and comfortable. The wheels on the Quinny Yezz are skating wheels, making the buggy extremely easy to manoeuvre and smooth to push.
The Quinny Yezz gives you the freedom to be in complete control of every situation, and when not in use, the comfortable shoulder strap leaves both of your hands free. Experience the city, your way".

Quinny Yezz:
  • Carry the Quinny Yezz easily over your shoulder with the strap
  • Compact size (68,5 x 27 x 23,5 cm) and lightweight (5kg)
  • When folded, the Yezz stands alone
  • Very manoeuvrable using unique skate wheels
  • Including storage pocket (max. 2 kg)
Why not check the new Yezz out for yourself at
Or check out the video

Quinny Yezz folded
Quinny Yezz