Tuesday, 17 January 2012

BuggyTug Review

We were kindly sent (free of charge) a BuggyTug from the lovely Di Mayze over on the BuggyTug facebook page to test and give an honest review on it. It arrived really swiftly via royal mail. I was quite eager to get it out of the pakaging and give it ago on our new light weight stroller that we are also testing & reviewing. As the pushchair is very light weight, 5kg to be exact.    
I thought the BuggyTug would be ideal to use on the new stroller as it wheels away if you let go of it even for a second or two, it gives you peace of mind that in the event of anything happening when unexpected you have that reassurance that your pushchair won't leave your side.
The BuggyTug is very easy to use, you attach one end to your wrist and the other to your pushchair for that added safety.  It is suitable for all single handle or bar pushchairs.

I expected it to be made from a more firmer material a bit like most walking reins you find in the shops, but i was suprised its actually soft and made of neoprene so just like the stretchy wetsuits you see divers in! The hand loop is comfortable to wear, i even kept forgetting that i had it on and it isn't too big that the loop could easily slip back over my hand and it wasn't to tight that it strangled my wrist, it sat just nicely and because of the stretchy fabric it was very easy to take back off again.You can see by the stitching thats its been very much well secured together, again nice reassurance that its not going to break free easily, it looks and feels nice and strong.
Should the strap ever become dirty or sticky or just needs a good clean it can be handwashed.

The rrp price for one of these BuggyTug's is £3.99 and can be purchased direct at http://www.buggytug.com/
or they an be purchased online at any of the following-
or at these stores

  • Jo Jo Maman Bebe           
  • Asda                                  
  • John Lewis                                         
 Herts & Essex
  • That Cute Age                                  
  • Mon Enfant                                       
 Windsor, Chiswick & Ealing
  • Daniel Stores                                    
  • Baby Boulevard                                                               
  • Beehive Babyland                                           

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

A day out at the beach....Yezz please.

What a cold day it's been too, but at the same time the sun was glorious in Alnmouth today. We came up to visit family and decided we would test the Yezz out on the beach. Obviously because the Yezz wheels are small and are not pneumatic you'll understand it won't push well on damp sand but we gave it a go but the Yezz was being stubborn and would'nt budge so i decided to drag it backwards and it worked.

Even though the sand was quite damp it didn't however clog up the wheels, as with some pushchairs i have had in the past the wheels grind and become hard to turn but the fab skater wheels were great, no squeeking, grinding or sticking.
The storage pocket on the back has been great for keeping the raincover in incase we get caught short and we even managed to store quite a few shells in there along the way and i couldn't resist drawing the Quinny logo into the sand proudly shown off along side Freya in her Yezz.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

How are we finding the Quinny Yezz so far...

Well so far i have mixed feelings about the Yezz since we have been using it. Firstly now that we have attached the Quinny footmuff into the stroller i have had to extend the straps to nearly almost its fullest, just for it to be able to fit through the strap holes on the footmuff and to fit over Freya's winter coat, shes only 19 months old so I'm thinking within the next year or so its going to be pretty hard to strap her in. The crotch i find is also quite short so im often battling with in now the footmuff is in to try and pull it up enough to clip the straps in.

 Secondly because the footmuff is added bulk to the Yezz, once the pushchair is folded it automatically locks shut but a few times even after being pushed right down to make sure its locked shut, once lifted into the boot it has opened itself back up.
I have found in the shops its great for turning and manoeuvring about quickly, i used to have the Quinny Zapp and i remember that being the same, great on manoeuvrability! really easy to turn even with one hand. But outside on the pavements any slight dips the wheels get stuck. It happened the other morning on the school run, the pavement was slightly uneven so created a slight dip, I was pushing the stroller as normal until the wheel became stuck, the stroller lifted up and i had to really stop myself from going over the top, and again this once happened to me when i had the Zapp. Maybes its the single wheels at the very front although my Quinny Buzz is brilliant and that also has the single wheels at the front but the Buzz overall is a larger heavier pushchair. So that may be due to how light weight the Yezz and Zapps are.
I like the hood on the Yezz as it stays up, even on a windy day it doesn't blow down, and the fabric is easily wipeable as we've had a few dirty marks on it already but they have all easily rubbed off with a baby wipe.
I find the poles at the sides of the seat fabric so handy to loop the harness straps over, to keep it open ready for popping Freya in especially when shes in her wriggly mood, it allows me to strap her in pretty quick. Always a bonus!
Well this is our journey so far, we still have many more challenges to take part in with this nippy little stroller so keep an eye out for more updates soon.

For info on the Yezz visit- http://www.quinny.co.uk/ or become a fan of Quinny UK on facebook.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Just a few extra pics of the brand new Quinny Yezz

This is my 6yr old daughter Leah, don't worry she won't be testing the Yezz. But she was excited to have a seat and smile for a quick photo.

Just to show the Quinny Yezz with the Quinny footmuff fitted in, i know the red doesn't quite go but just so you get an idea.