Friday, 23 March 2012

My Buggy Buddy weights review

We were very kindly sent some Buggy Buddy weights for us to test and review, and what a good way to test these on our new Quinny Yezz, the Yezz is a very light weight stroller that can easily tip if any extra weight is added to the handle bars, so by adding the buggy buddy weights to the front of the pushchair this will balance out any shopping or bags added to the handles and avoid tipping especially when your child is taken out of the pushchair. I would advice that you do not over load with extra weight as this could put extreme pressure on your pushchair chassis, always follow manufacturers instructions.

The Buggy Buddy weights come in a pack of two, the weights have a cover with a side zip so that the cover can be removed and hand washed. Each weight has two velcro straps that easily wrap around the front part of your pushchair, just thread through the metal loop and pull back through onto the velcro. The velcro straps are quite lengthy so would fit the slimmest to the thickest of frames.
We tested the weights out on the Yezz, applying them to the bottom front bars, and attached three bags using a buggy buddy clip. Now we had just came back from my mums who had kindly given us an electric food steamer and a few other food dishes and containers which were all in a large bag, so just to show you how strong the weights are and that the stroller didn't tip, we took a photo without Freya in.

Although we don't normally carry food steamers on a daily basis we do have to do the school run each morning so with packed lunch boxes, reading folders and gym bags in tow, the Buggy Buddy weights are a great idea, and the stroller folds down and locks together without them getting in the way.

I thought because of the design of my pushchair and how thin the bars were that it would be awkward fitting the Buggy Buddy weights onto it but it was so simple and straight forward, it gives you confidence that your stroller isn't going to tip back over. They are ideal for really light weight pushchairs it gives you that extra reassurance.

These Buggy Buddy weights can be purchased directly from for £12.99.

Monday, 12 March 2012

We say 'Yezz' to a trip out on the bus to see the laser lights

We all know that the brand new Quinny Yezz was designed for the city life, small and light weight, ideal for taking on public transport and fitting into luggage compartments, or to carry on your back for those mad dashes. Find out how Freya and myself got on in a trip out on the bus...

We had been hearing from friends all about the beautiful rainbow laser lights that were lightening up the sky across the coast so we decided that for one night only my girls, Leah and Freya could stay up a little bit later than usual and we would take a trip out at night to see the laser lights event. Now normally we would all get in the car and take the easy way there, but i knew it would probably be quite busy and parking is quite restricted so what a good way to test out our new Quinny Yezz by travelling on public transport.. the good old bus. (well actually they are pretty new). After all this is what it's designed for right!

Wrapped up well, warm coats, hats and all, and making sure this time i had a well packed changing bag, certainly don't want to be forgetting nappies and wipes now. All ready to go, Freya comfy in her Yezz we headed up to the bus terminus, I just hope i had got the right time!

Sitting beside the Yezz before the bus moved
 Now if Freya was a bit older I would have had the pushchair folded up ready, but she would be off like a shot so she's staying put until the bus actually pulls up. Luckily we left when we did as the bus arrived within about 5mins of getting there.
 The bus drivers nearly always lower the ramp to allow you to push the pushchair straight on but knowing that at the next stop the bus will fill up fast, I folded the Yezz down before getting on. With the changing bag over my shoulder, Freya in my arms amazingly the Yezz was a doddle to fold with one hand and quick too.

 No need to try and wheel it on I just picked it up using the large elasticated carry strap and popped it on my shoulder. Now you would think this would be pretty uncomfy and awkward wouldn't you and after all I'm carrying a toddler, change bag and a stroller but it really wasn't and it might sound quite weird but the Yezz actually sat comfortable over my shoulder on my back, I almost forgot it was there.

The Yezz in the small luggage compartment.
 As the bus was quite empty to start with I kept the yezz folded up beside us (we had front seats) it's quite compact so takes up no space at all. Freya kept pointing at it the whole time I think she was making sure everyone knew exactly who it belonged too hehe! As we approached the next stop  the queue appeared quite long, so now was the time to see if the Quinny Yezz could fit into the very small luggage compartment if you could even call it that. It certainly did!
As people boarded the bus I heard an elderly lady say to her friend "Is that a trolley in there?" I thought maybes it was in the way and she wanted to use the space, so I explained it was our pushchair and would she like me to move it. To which her reply was "Oh no pet, did you say it's a pushchair? my goodness haven't they came on over the years, it's very very small i can't believe it." Everyones heads turning towards the Yezz as they walked past and found a seat. I almost felt like i was on stage!
As our stop approached, i picked the Yezz up and popped it on my back again, it's great as it gives me a free hand to hold onto the bus handle and as Freya decided she wanted to walk that's where the Yezz remained until we met the crowds... it was rather busy so we strapped Freya back in. Leah could see the lasers ahead so it's handy  that the Yezz is small and easy to manoeuvre, we could nip in and out of the groups of people to get a good spot.

Laser rainbow lights
 The lasers were so bright and lit up the whole of the night sky, all beautiful rainbow colours, we picked up some candy floss and won a teddy too, who found a cosy little home for him  in the back pocket of the Yezz.After a couple of hours we caught the bus home and as you can imagine the bus was really full, no room to pop the Yezz in the little storage compartment on the bus or stand by my side, so on my back it went, Freya on my opposite hip, my other hand on the railing bar holding tight. Now i remember a few years ago when Leah was a toddler and I had a normal umbrella light weight kind of stroller, theres no way I could have carried that on my back even though it did come with some sort of carry strap, although it was quite light it was pretty long though.                                                                         
 So I was thankful for times like this that i have such a compact light weight stroller that doesn't stress me out. Once off the bus Freya was quite sleepy, so with a push of a button and a push with my foot the Yezz is up in no time and its home we go after a lovely evening out.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Amber Teething Necklace Review

After weeks and weeks of Freya suffering with her teeth, extremely bad nappy rash, sore gums, rosey red cheeks, i turned to the internet in search of a cure and found that many people seemed to recommend the amber teething necklaces/bracelets. I spoke to a friend who also has a little girl the same age as Freya and she also had an amber necklace for her daughter she had it from her being about 6 weeks old and she swore by them. I have to admit i was very sceptical as i just couldn't imagine amber beads doing any good, surely its just because it looks pretty! So i took the plunge and ordered the lovely cognac colour one from Amber pumpkin and was so surprised that it arrived within a couple of days. The amber beads are 100% Baltic amber and the beads are made from naturally round shaped pieces. The beads are all double knotted to ensure the necklace is strong and safe. The amber/plastic clasp has also been designed to release if excess force is applied.

Children/babies DO NOT chew on the amber, it is basically the warmth from the skin that releases the small amounts of soothing oil from the beads, as amber is a natural analgesic.

The necklaces are very lightweight so comfy for your little one to wear. They are also come in a range of colours/shades and at an affordable price too. Freya wasn't fazed by the necklace so i was pleased as i thought she might sit and pull at it, and although you are advised to remove the necklace at sleep times, i know some people wrap it around twice and pop it on babies ankle underneath their babygrow for safety but i have just left Freya's on her all the time, although i do remove it when we go swimming purely just because of the chlorine. She has worn the necklace for quite a few months now and within the first week or so of her wearing it i could see a difference, she stopped waking during the night and her nappy rash that was extremely bad settled down a lot.

I would definitely recommend the amber necklaces, and the few times Ive tried to take it off Freya she has wanted it straight back on again, and my oldest daughter who is 6yrs has asked if she could have one too, and as she suffers with earache quite often, we have now ordered a 'childs health amber necklace' for her which should be arriving within the next day or so. Oh and we decided we would get great-grandma an 'adult amber health bracelet' last Christmas to help ease her ailments.
Well worth trying them.
 For more information visit

Monday, 5 March 2012

Please watch our Quinny Yezz video so we can be in with a chance to win

Quinny are currently running a fantastic 'QUINNY WALK YOUR WAY' competition, for a chance to win some great prizes, such as in ipad2, quinny yezz and a quinny bag.

We need as many views as possible to be in with a chance of winning so if you would like to help us please please view our Yezz video, just click on this link-  that's all you have to do. It's free, no viruses or bugs don't worry, it's all legit with Quinny UK. Thankyou all :0)

thanks with love from Freya x