Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Amber Teething Necklace Review

After weeks and weeks of Freya suffering with her teeth, extremely bad nappy rash, sore gums, rosey red cheeks, i turned to the internet in search of a cure and found that many people seemed to recommend the amber teething necklaces/bracelets. I spoke to a friend who also has a little girl the same age as Freya and she also had an amber necklace for her daughter she had it from her being about 6 weeks old and she swore by them. I have to admit i was very sceptical as i just couldn't imagine amber beads doing any good, surely its just because it looks pretty! So i took the plunge and ordered the lovely cognac colour one from Amber pumpkin and was so surprised that it arrived within a couple of days. The amber beads are 100% Baltic amber and the beads are made from naturally round shaped pieces. The beads are all double knotted to ensure the necklace is strong and safe. The amber/plastic clasp has also been designed to release if excess force is applied.

Children/babies DO NOT chew on the amber, it is basically the warmth from the skin that releases the small amounts of soothing oil from the beads, as amber is a natural analgesic.

The necklaces are very lightweight so comfy for your little one to wear. They are also come in a range of colours/shades and at an affordable price too. Freya wasn't fazed by the necklace so i was pleased as i thought she might sit and pull at it, and although you are advised to remove the necklace at sleep times, i know some people wrap it around twice and pop it on babies ankle underneath their babygrow for safety but i have just left Freya's on her all the time, although i do remove it when we go swimming purely just because of the chlorine. She has worn the necklace for quite a few months now and within the first week or so of her wearing it i could see a difference, she stopped waking during the night and her nappy rash that was extremely bad settled down a lot.

I would definitely recommend the amber necklaces, and the few times Ive tried to take it off Freya she has wanted it straight back on again, and my oldest daughter who is 6yrs has asked if she could have one too, and as she suffers with earache quite often, we have now ordered a 'childs health amber necklace' for her which should be arriving within the next day or so. Oh and we decided we would get great-grandma an 'adult amber health bracelet' last Christmas to help ease her ailments.
Well worth trying them.
 For more information visit http://www.amberpumpkin.com/


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