Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Quinnycaster secret mission number 2 ~ Moodd walk your way video

The time has now come to share our Quinnycaster secret mission number two with you all, up to now we have had to keep it all a secret, but back in December just before Christmas we all received an email from Quinny HQ announcing our secret mission.
This is what the email read-

It’s strictly dancing!

Quinny loves to dance and is a fan of the biggest celebrity dancing competition on the TV and can’t believe it all ends this weekend.
Never fear because Quinny has the answer to all your dancing dreams….
Be the star of your own show and whip-up a cerographical storm. Quinny brings to you the ‘Moodd Walk’ dance to celebrate the launch of it’s all singing all dancing new Quinny Moodd pushchair.
The ‘Moodd Walk’ is just that – a dance for whatever your mood may be.
As one of our beloved QuinnyCasters we require you for a secret mission. For this mission you will need some hips, an imagination, a video recorder and no shame!
To help you with this mission is a dance school from London. They put together a dance and some tutorial videos so you can learn the ‘Moodd Walk’ dance routine.
BUT QuinnyCaster we don’t want you to simply learn this dance and film yourself doing it…..no, no, no… Quinny wants to see some original moves and some smooth groves set to Quinny’s music*.
Use props, use children, use crazy make-up or get the neighbours round for a mash-up. Quinny is looking for something fun, exciting and original and Quinny knows the QuinnyCasters have got what it takes.
We were given a couple of weeks to complete this secret mission,  but seeing that it was over Christmas and New year Quinny were very kind and extended the deadline until just after the New year. We had to get our thinking caps on for this one and it wasn't easy either.
I managed to rope in my mum and my brothers girlfriend Bekah in helping me out, as well as Leah my daughter who is 6yrs. Leah had already decided that she was going to be the Quinny Queen and was going to be the star of the show she stated! Well we spent a few nights practising the 'Moodd walk your way' tutorial video, and i have to say it wasn't easy as i have a memory like a sieve so kept forgetting the moves.
We decided that Bekah and myself would do the dance routine, my mum couldn't for the life of her remember the whole dance routine so she decided she would record it all instead, and of course we had Leah as our star the Quinny Queen. Leah was adamant she wanted to wear her princess dress and we came up with the idea of using face paints to create the Quinny logo onto Leah's cheek and applied a few extra touches to create that princess look.
 So after a few attempts at recording and quite a few 'Cuts' later, we finally recorded our very own Quinny 'Moodd walk your way' video.
We hope you enjoy it, and for some reason as you will see the video has been cropped to half the size when i uploaded it, so I'm sorry we look a bit squashed in size.
Youtube link:

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Quinny Yezz fits perfectly into my Ford Fiesta boot

For those of you that have use of a vehicle and would like to know roughly how much space the brand new Quinny Yezz would take up, well here is a quick picture to show you how much space it takes up in our small Ford Fiesta (07) boot. (please excuse the state of my boot we had just come back from a trip to the country park on a muddy day)
The Yezz is very compact and i now have room for extra shopping, unfortunately the yezz does not fit length ways it will only go in width ways as shown in the photo. But still it fits that's the main thing will plenty of room around it.

I have also included some close up pics to show the Yezz from various angles whilst folded and standing on it's own.
Side view

Front view
Rear view

My Buggy Buddy Clip Review

 The 'My buggy buddy' pushchair clip was sent to us from Mummy News on behalf of Kiddymania (free of charge). This black metal clip is designed to attach to the handle bar of your pushchair (for those pushchairs that don't have individual handles) The clip is made from metal with a foam covering to protect your handle bars from damage and to also allow the clip to grip.

The shape of the clip is designed so that it is smaller at the top part allowing the clip to be a firmer fit onto the bar and becoming wider towards the bottom to allow the clip to open and close easily, making room for all your bags. It has also been independently tested to give you that extra reassurance. I put the Buggy Buddy clip to the test on a few different pushchairs including a Quinny Buzz, Yezz and a Graco Symbio and it was a good fit on all.
Buggy Buddy do warn you not to overload your buggy as it may tip backwards. The amount of bags you attach will depend on the weight of the pushchair your planning to use. I have used plastic pram clips previously and even with quite a light bag i have found the clips to easily bend and fall off and it always ends up with me removing them as they just haven't worked for me. So i was eager to give the Buggy Buddy a good testing to see if it would meet my expectations, and bearing in mind my previous failed ones, my expectations were quite high!

To open the Buggy Buddy simply push the lever inwards and clip it onto your pushchair. To close just let go of the lever and it will spring back into place. It really is that easy to use.
Always make sure you remove your bags before you remove your child from the pushchair!
I haven't wanted to overload any of my pushchairs in case they do tip, but i have managed to fit comfortably three bags of shopping in carrier bags on the one buggy buddy clip. The clip could potentially hold more but you must be aware not to overload as tempting as this may be.
The clips are so strong and so easy and quick to use. I find it especially handy in the mornings for the school run to carry the likes of  my daughters reading folder, packed lunch, gym bag etc. Definitely the best buggy clip i have used and i would recommend them to others who may be looking for something similar to this.


Buggy Buddy are donating money to 'Breast Cancer' charities and 'Help for heroes' for every pink and blue clips they sell. Available in Blue, Pink and Black and at a retail price of £5.99. These can be purchased online at-