Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Yezz has finally arrived

 Yay the brand new Quinny Yezz has finally arrived with us today after months and months of waiting, unfortunately i was at work when the Yezz was delivered so i got a lovely surprise to see the little brown box waiting for me when i got home.  

Here's a quick run through of Yezz's features:  RRP: £175. Suitable from 6months the Yezz has a sturdy polyester seat that is rip & abrasion-proof, colourfast, water and stain resistant. The frame uses IXEF, a high performance glass fibre compound making the frame ultra-light & extremely strong. The Yezz comes complete with a hood (sun canopy) a full 5 point integral safety harness that is adjustable & has 3 different height levels.There is a pocket at the back of the seat unit that can take a max weight of 4.4lb.

Please note the raincover does not come with the Yezz it is sold separately as an accessory RRP £25 available from March.

Dimensions of the Yezz and weight:
The weight of the whole pushchair (frame & seat fabric) is 5kg.
The weight of the frame on its own is 4.3kg.
The height of the Yezz is 105.5cm, from front to back  is 75cm and the width of the Yezz is 56cm.
When folded the measurements are 23.5cm/ 68.5cm & 27cm.

The Yezz comes packaged in two separate bags inside one small box, one containing the black frame and wheels and the other containing the seat fabric whih may i add we chose the beautiful Pink Hybrid and I'm loving the shade. At first i was thinking where is the raincover until i remembered this is an accessory sold separately and as these aren't yet available until about March time Quinny are very kindly going to send us a Zapp raincover to use in the meantime.

As the stroller comes in two parts the seat fabric needs to be attached to the frame by using the super strong climbing rope loops that fix on to notches at various points on the Yezz, i did find this a little tough to loop the rope over as they are quite tough and aren't bendy thin rope pieces that you may be imagining.

After i had read the instructions and finding it was near impossible to get the final loops over the notches and nearly giving up after battling with it for 10mins, i realised that i hadn't actually looked at the instructions properly ( i was too excited to take my time and do it how i was supposed too) and it does show you not to fully lock the pushchair our properly so then you can easily attach the roped loops. Folding and unfolding took me abit of getting used to, mainly because its different from any other pushchair that I've had. At the top of the Yezz is a little black cover that opens up and you press in a little grey button and with your foot push up the plastic part of the frame. This part i found to be really stiff, i was kinda scared to put any force onto it with my foot in case i broke it. But so far it seems to be incredibly strong! The handles turn in to make the yezz more compact and it locks itself together when folded right down with a carry strap on the back. The wheels are fab, they made of rubber & are the same kind of wheels your would find on a roller blade, so very durable.  

The Yezz is so light to push it literally just glides, it is so smooth! But because it's so light i wouldn't advise you put any weight (shopping etc) onto the stroller. We haven't tested it outside yet so that will be our next challenge. The seat unit itself is quite deep and roomy. I thought it would have been similar to the Quinny Zapp but it is larger and although it doesn't recline it does seem slightly more reclined then the original Zapp but only slightly. The only thing that i found was that the distance from the actual seat to the footrest isn't very long and Freya is only 18 months and already her feet hang over the footrest area, and when her feet do rest on it her knees come up quite a bit, so i think for a slightly older child it may be an issue.

The brakes are quite similar to the likes of the Zapp's and the Buzz with an off/on button on either side.
I'm looking forward to using this in challenging conditions and seeing how it compares to our Buzz.
Stay tuned to see how Freya and myself get on with Quinny missions and how the Yezz withstands being put through its paces.


Monday, 12 December 2011

Quinny Yezz video

Be the first to view the Quinny Yezz video, its unique & clever, great for the city life. Take a look and see what you think. Do you love it or hate it?

Click on the link to view-

Pink hybrid

Purple rush

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I'm pleased to announce we will be testing the........Quinny Yezz

Well folks today is the day i have been waiting for...after a very long wait the email from Quinny regarding what pushchair we will be testing has arrived and I'm pleased to announce that me and Freya will be testing the brand new Quinny Yezz, we have chosen the lovely hybrid pink colour, a perfect stroller for everyday city challenges. We should hopefully be receiving the Yezz just in time before Christmas and the testing will begin.
The Yezz's RRP is £175 and comes in a range of colours including the beautiful Pink Hybrid , the colours available are- Grey road, Blue track, Red signal, Purple rush, Green curve, and Yellow move. It has skating wheels and are rubber coated for a smooth ride, the frame is made from a high performance glass fibre material which allows it to be super strong yet still light weight. The seat & hood fabric are made from similar materials to that of a paraglider's. The durable pieces are held in place with pre-stretched climbing rope giving it super strength.  The raincover however  is not included and is sold seperately.

Quinny quotes-
"The Quinny Yezz is the first buggy made entirely of IXEF®, a high performance plastic. This means it not only has an extremely lightweight frame, but also a strong one. The fabric used for the seat is similar to parachute fabric. Light, strong and comfortable. The wheels on the Quinny Yezz are skating wheels, making the buggy extremely easy to manoeuvre and smooth to push.
The Quinny Yezz gives you the freedom to be in complete control of every situation, and when not in use, the comfortable shoulder strap leaves both of your hands free. Experience the city, your way".

Quinny Yezz:
  • Carry the Quinny Yezz easily over your shoulder with the strap
  • Compact size (68,5 x 27 x 23,5 cm) and lightweight (5kg)
  • When folded, the Yezz stands alone
  • Very manoeuvrable using unique skate wheels
  • Including storage pocket (max. 2 kg)
Why not check the new Yezz out for yourself at
Or check out the video

Quinny Yezz folded
Quinny Yezz

Friday, 30 September 2011

Graco Symbio pushchair

We were so pleased on the arrival of our Graco symbio in the lovely moon colourway, and weighing in at just 7.5kg this pushchair is super light weight. My first thoughts was that it looked very strong, solid built pushchair as theres a lot out there that do look a bit flimsy, its also very stylish and modern.

Freya world facing

The seat fabric is very soft and almost foam like so very comfy for my princess, the chest pads & crotch pad are also of the same fabric and very comfy. The pushchair is suitable from birth if used with the Graco logico S infant carseat or the Symbio carrycot, but the actual seat unit however is suitable from 6 months. The symbio retails at approx £349.99 and includes raincover & car seat adapter.
It's so lightweight and manoeuvrable to push, the front swivel wheels have spring suspension so make being out & about in the city super easy and because this pushchair has a unique reversible handle you can change your little one's view between parent and world facing, i much prefer to use pushchairs in parent facing mode so i can interact with Freya, and see her cheeky smiles!
Freya in parent facing mode
This isn't the only advantage of the unique handle but it also enables you to have the larger pneumatic wheels at the front to ensure a comfy smoother ride when using across all terrain, although i found it hard to manoeuvre in that mode due to the larger wheels being fixed although they do glide over bumps and un-even surfaces alot easier then the smaller front swivel ones..
The bumper is made of foam same as the handle bar and although Freya hasn't tried it yet but I'm sure sharp little teeth could cause rips & tears as the same has happened to other branded products made from the same materials. The bumper bar is fully removable. The seat unit can be easily adjusted by the Graco labelled handle on the back & can adjust in 3 positions.
extra sun visor
On the back of the hood there is a few poppers this allows the fabric to be folded over and has mesh fabric underneath so its breathable and allows the air to circulate during hot days, and there is also an extra sun visor hidden in the front of the hood for extra coverage from the sun, i found this ideal as Freya's not all that keen on parasols but with the visor the sun wasn't directly in her eyes. The symbio basket is quite small the raincover  just about fills it and the pushchair has a different brake to most, there is a little lever on the side that you pull up to apply the brake and you depress the little grey button on the side in and push the lever down to take off, it's very easy and ideal during the summer months if your wearing sandals/ flip flops so your not hurting your does trying to flip a bar to get the brake off & on.
The harness is easily adjustable and adjusts to a fair size as i have found some other branded ones to be quite tight especially as your little one grows.
Breathable mesh fabric
The Symbio can be folded with one hand and is very easy to do so, although the pushchair does physically fold down with the seat unit in place it is very bulky. I have always took the seat unit off which is probably advised and folded the chassis separate, the seat unit is very easy to take off by depressing both grey buttons to the side of the seat unit frame. The only frustrating thing for me is remembering to lock the frame once folded as a few other pushchairs i have used have locked themselves once shut and i keep forgetting and the chassis has opened back up whilst trying to get it into the boot, obviously not the pushchairs fault but i do find the locking hook a little bit awkward.
The raincover for the symbio is brilliant, it covers the full seat unit, it has a little opening on the back so you can still get in to recline the seat, and it also has little side panels the have mesh material in place and the plastic flaps can be held back with velcro straps to allow ventilation. The pushchair as do most has a max weight limit of 15kg.
Overall i have been very pleased with pushchair and would recommend it to other parent and carers.

Additional extras sold separately- Graco logico S infant carseat, Symbio  Go carrycot, cosytoes and pram bag.

Pushchair folded

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The new Quinny creations has been announced..Moodd & Yezz

We've all been waiting eagerly and patiently to find out what quinny's new creation is...Well here it is
Quinny welcomes the new sleek, modern and stylish Quinny Moodd (pronounced mood), suitable from birth and has a lie flat system. This beautiful pushchair is available in a white or black frame & comes with a lovely futuristic style seat unit which is easy to take on and off using  the memory buttons on either side, allowing you to take the seat unit off using one hand. The sun canopy (hood) is uv50+ protected, ideal during the summer months or holidays abroad.  It comes with a matching babynest making it cosy and snuggly for babies. The moodd comes with shopping basket, parasol clip, raincover and carseat adapters.The Moodd is compatible with maxi- cosi infant carriers (sold separately) to form a travel system and a new developed carrycot (sold separately)  its a foldable carrycot that can be folded flat for storage, suitable for babies up to 6 months old.
the Quinny Moodd will be available to the uk in 6 fab colours- Purple power, natural delight (white frame), pink passion, (white frame) red revolution, black devotion, and blue reliance.
The moodd will become available at the end of this year and the rrp price is still to be announced.

Weights in comparison with the Buzz model-

Moodd                                      Buzz
Pushchair: 15.1 kg                     Pushchair: 11.4 kg
Chassis: 9.4 kg                          Chassis: 7.7 kg
Seat unit: 5.7 kg                         Seat unit: 3.7 kg

But.... that wasn't all Quinny has announced.... Due to be available on the market sometime next year in the spring time is the super lightweight Quinny Yezz, looking a little like the zapps this new modern style pushchair and appears to have a full handle bar as opposed to the individual handles known to the zapp ans zapp xtra. Unfortunately we are still waiting for more information on this little creation so stay tuned for further news.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Teething Bling Pendant

We were kindly given a Teething bling pendant from Teething bling UK to test and review. We all know how much babies and young toddlers love to grab and chew everything and a lot of parents are put off wearing their treasured/expensive jewellery because of it. But not anymore..Teething bling has now became available in the UK, They have a range of jewellery of pendants and bangles available in a wide range of colours from Jade to Onyx and Mother of pearl to Coral. Most pendants have matching bangles!

 These are great at keeping little ones quiet at times when its needed and because its attached to you, you have no worries of it getting lost, the 2x2 inch donut come safely attached to a long silky cord. The teething bling is dishwasher safe so no problems keeping it for your little bundle and they are made from the same materials as many teething toys. All products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure, and the jewellery carries the CE mark meeting strict european safety standards. Children of any age should not be left unattended with jewellery of any kind.

On arrival of our new Teething bling pendant it came with its own information card explaining about the jewellery and the materials its made from and it came in a lovely lilac drawstring bag. The pendant we received was grey in colour so suitable to match with most of my clothing, I quite expected the pendant to be hard but its not its quite soft, smooth and bendable, just the ideal size and thickness for baby to fit in their tiny mouth and a nice size for them to hold. The black silky cord is really strong my 13mnth old has pulled it from all directions and there is no sign of any give to the material.
One thing to be aware of though when wearing it, because the necklace is quite long Freya was able to pull it over her head too and therefore it became quite tight, she was on my knee at the time so i quickly removed it from her. The necklace does have a safety clasp which if pulled extremely tight it does open so that is a very positive point and you do have the option of shortening the cord and re-knotting it but you will have to cut off the rest of the unwanted cord pieces.
 Freya took one look at the pendant and it was straight in her mouth, she even stroked the smooth pendant across her cheek as she enjoyed a little snuggle so maybes shes thinking this could be used in other ways like a comforter!  I love how it looks like an actual gem stone, and there are many colours available. They would make a great baby shower gift as its something different and unusual and is great for both Mummy and baby. Priced at £12.95 each for the pendants and £8.95 for the bangle that does the job as a piece of safe jewellery and a teether you really cant go wrong. If you can't decide between pendants or bangles you can opt for a Teething bling gift card.

 For more info and to view and purchase Teething bling from

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Due to unforeseen circumstances we can no longer test the Quinny Senzz

It has now came to light that due to unforeseen circumstances that are completely out of Quinny's control, we can no longer test the Quinny Senzz pushchair, as much as we are deeply saddened by this sad news, i can say we will be testing a brand new product from Quinny soon. So please watch this space to find out what fantastic product we will be testing and reviewing!

Quote from Quinny UK-

Unfortunately we’ve just been informed by production that due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be able to issue our proposed Casters with a Quinny Senzz to test. After much deliberation and careful consideration Quinny has had to take the decision not to continue with the Senzz Caster programme. This is purely down to time constraints.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

WOW..We have been chosen to be a Quinnycaster for the new Senzz pushchair

Yesterday was an amazing day, oh boy was it not! A short while ago Quinny were asking for people with a child under 3 and who had written a nursery product review or had a blog page to review products to apply to become a Quinnycaster to test and review the new Senzz pushchair.

As you can imagine hundreds of people applied and only 20 people would be chosen. I didn't think i stood much of a chance as my luck is never that good. So i filled out an email  anyway and sent it off to Quinny, never expected to hear again. Weeks went past and on Wednesday 6th July 2011 whilst checking my mobile for email updates eagerly awaiting that longed for message, it came! I was over the moon and totally lost for words. I yelped so loud even Freya got a shock. I checked and checked again to make sure it was correct and that the email had come from Quinny. I was overwhelmed with happiness. Our first challenge set by Quinny was to remain underwaps and not to go public about our fantastic news. Well i have to say it was the longest 24hrs ever, i was beaming with joy and wanted to shout my brilliant news from the roof tops but naughty Quinny made us keep quiet until it was announced officially the following day.

Now its just a waiting game for the Senzz arrival to its new home and we are very much excited on testing it out and sharing with our wonderful followers our journey along the way. Watch this space for many pics and videos (when i work out how) and our personal product review.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Maxi-Cosi Tobi! It has to be said the Maxi-Cosi Tobi is our all time favourite. Tobi should stand for  Truly Outstanding Beautiful Idea. The Tobi is a group 1 forward facing car seat suitable from 9-15kg, 9months- 3.5 years approx.

Tobi in marble pink smallest setting

 We have recently purchased the Tobi in marble pink for Freya who's just turned 1yr. I have to say i am actually a huge isofix fan and originally has purchased the Pearl to be used with our family fix base, but we have just exchanged our car, well due for exchange tomorrow and i knew that the new car that i would be getting wouldn't have isofix fittings in the car so decided to get the Tobi instead and to be honest I'm really pleased i did. The seat itself is quite high up so makes sight seeing whilst travelling a great bonus, I loved the deep side protection system that this seat has and it also has a inner head support cushion that is fixed in and is adjustable along with the stay open harness.
I think this offers so much more protection around their delicate head and the thing i like about it is it doesn't come to far around the head that it obscures child's view & irritate them. The stay open harness i mentioned is so handy especially when you have a wriggly toddler wanting to escape, I'm not having to fiddle around trying to pull the harness from underneath them. It reminds me of a roller coaster- pop the child in the seat, the harness is open ready to be fastened in.
Tallest setting with stay open harness

On the crotch part there is a colour indicator which when you have pulled the crotch strap tight enough it reassures you that the harness is tightened accordingly but this is just an indicator so i would always do the two finger check and make sure the harness is properly situated directly over child's shoulders. The Tobi has 5 recline positions, perfect for when little one is sleeping and you can easily recline the seat with child in so you wont disturb them.

Colour indicator
When loosening the harness you will notice there is no button or anything to press that frees the straps all you do is push the crotch part down  flat towards the seat and hey presto you can lengthen the harness easily and as your little one grows theres no fiddly straps to un-hook and thread through, the head support and harness adjust together simply by loosening the harness pull the top of the headrest forward and lifting it upwards its as easy as that. Fitting this seat is a doddle, it may look complicated but once you have done it a few times it becomes easy

I would recommend you take your vehicle to your nearest stockist and a member of trained staff can check to see if the seat is compatible and usually if the seat is ok it can be fitted into the car for you using a 3-point seat belt. I love the way this seat is actually fitted into the vehicles, it looks very much like its being hugged into the seat in the car by the seat belt itself, as the lap part of the belt goes around the front of the seat and has extra security of the belt tensioner and the diagonal part of the belt comes up the side of the car seat and around the top secured by two clips.

Belt tensioner
 The car seat is very well padded as a lot of seats we have had and seen tend to have very little padding but the Tobi seems so comfy i could easily climb in there myself.

Upright position

The maxi-cosi Tobi comes in a range of colours, added extras are available such as the summer cover, pocket and play tray.
Fully reclined
Rating: 10/10                 

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wonderoo V2 citrus spots

The wonderoo was one of our first cloth nappies that we purchased for Freya when she was a few months old. I was pretty new to the world of cloth and the first thing that attracted me to the wonderoo was the beautiful bright pattern of the citrus spots, its very eye catching! 

The one-size wonderoo, the super stretchy elastic provides maximum comfort with leakage. It features spaced poppers which allow you to adjust the size of the nappy as the baby grows from birth to potty.
 Ive never used the older version of the wonderoos but i know one benefit of the V2 was that its supposed to have a new trim, contoured cut, but for us i have found it to be the most bulkiest nappy ever! Freya couldn't even put her legs together it was so bulky and even now shes 1yr old its still the same (that is with using both inserts) but even when using the larger stage 2 insert it was still rather bulky. We ended up using this nappy for nights as one thing i can say that is fab about this nappy we never had any leaks its super absorbent when using both of the inserts, the larger insert is bamboo which unfolds out for easy washing and drying and that takes no time at all, infact i thought because of how quick the drying time was that that it wouldnt hold up to my monster wetter but hey it certainly did. The fabric is lovely and soft inside and out and i did get a nice fit on Freya apart from how wide and chunky it was.

Features of the new Wonderoo V2:

  • new trim, contoured cut
  • simple size adjustment
  • great fit from 8lb right through the weight range
  • improved fleece gusset for maximum comfort and air exchange and minimum leaking!
  • brand new anti-wicking outer shell
  • soft and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y in all directions
  • unique three stage insert system (see below)
  • bamboo inserts unfold for efficient washing and fast drying
  • carbon footprint conscious (manufactured in Turkey and transported by road)
  • workers' pay and conditions are to government approved standards
The Wonderoo V2 is supplied complete with it's own unique 3 stage insert systemTM:
Stage 1: the small, contoured insert is made from three layers of microterry, and is soft and quick to absorb, ideal for small babies.

Stage 2: the large rectangular insert is made from six layers of soft, stretchy and fast-absorbing bamboo terry. Bamboo is an eco-friendly crop to grow and this fabric has been specially chosen to be highly absorbent and trim. Although bamboo is generally felt to be slow to dry, this insert unfolds for swift drying. It fastens together with snaps to make it easy to insert into the nappy and keep it neatly folded when in use.

Stage 3: the two inserts can be snapped together to provide super-absorbency for older babies, heavy wetters or for night time. There are two (coloured) snap positions, enabling you to put the booster/small insert where it is most required for your child, often to the front for boys (blue snap), and to the centre for girls (pink snap).

Rating: 7/10

Friday, 17 June 2011

Maxi Cosi Rodi XR

First glance at the Maxi-Cosi Rodi xr, a very comfy and well supported high back booster seat offering optimal side impact protection also cushioning the hip area, comes in a range of beautiful attractive colourways to suit either gender.

First height level
 This high back booster seat is a group 2/3 & suitable for weights between 15-36kg, 3.5- 12yrs approx. The covers are all removable and can be easily washed and they also dry really quickly which is always a bonus, as if your like us we are always popping out in the car for some reason. You can purchase a summer cover which i think is worth while as it keeps little one much cooler and stops them sweating whilst in the car seat.

The 'xr' stands for eXtra Recline, a big plus for us as we sometimes do long journeys up north and having that slight recline makes all the difference, it allows little ones head to go back rather then hanging forward looking uncomfortable, and the nice chunky side impact system supports their head will whilst sleeping. The seat does need to be popped into the recline position before little one sits into the seat which is very easy to do so just by holding the front of the seat and tilting it upwards. Another great feature is the adjustable side wings that can be adjusted out as little one grows giving that bit extra shoulder and elbow room giving them a comfier ride. As the seat is expected to take a child up to approx 12yrs the headrest is adjustable in height so grows with the child and to make this seat stable whilst in the vehicle it comes with an anchorage point in the headrest that is popped through the head restraint in the car.

Maximum height level
 The rodi xr is very lightweight, we often move it between cars and its so easy to do so and very easy to install, the child is held in place using a normal 3-point seat belt and is correctly situated on child's shoulder level using the belt hooks situated on the top headrest.
We love using this seat for our 5yr old and for me you can't put a price on a life and i think it is well worth investing in a top quality car seat like the Rodi XR  for frequent use to ensure the very best safety for your little cargo.

Rating 10/10

Friday, 10 June 2011

Totsbots Easyfit V2

Well it has to be said the Totsbots Easyfit nappy has to be the best cloth nappy we have ever used. This all- in- one reusable nappy is slim fitting and very stretchy with elasticated waist and legs, we had tried a few before discovering the easyfits and found many to be really bulky that my poor baby couldn't put her little legs together. I wanted a nappy that could withstand vast amounts of wee as my baby is a monster wetter and my first thought was "it's quite slim and light weight i don't think this will work" but oh i was very wrong.

 The nappy has a fold out core which makes drying time even quicker, another thing that crossed my mind was "it dried pretty quick, it can't be that good at absorbing" but like the easyfit always does, it proved me wrong again. I have even used this nappy at night times, i just popped a bamboo insert inside and it done the trick, no wet baby in the morning, the nappy has a wick proof edging to prevent any leaks. The nappy has an applix fastening which i actually find easier on my wriggily 1yr old, and my mum and others find easier too.
The thing i find that makes this nappy value for money is that it is a birth to potty one size fits most as there are three rows of poppers to enable you to adjust the size to suit your baby, Freya is still only on the second row so you can see how this could last. Shes quite a slim built baby but the fit of the nappy is nice and snug no gaps, it just fits like a glove. The fabric is soft inside and out, and even the applix isn't rough like a lot of other brands are. I use the totsbots flushable liners to easy discard any soilage, i have approx 26 nappies so wash every 2 days and store in a nappy pail and dry pail only. I usually wash at 40 degrees with an occasional 60 degrees wash and the nappies are still looking good, none have mishaped or faded. The easyfits come in a range of  6 beautiful prints or you can opt for just plain white. I would definitely recommend this nappy to family and friends, it does everything it says it should, and that's exactly what we want. Well done totsbots for creating such a fantastic reusable nappy.
Rating 10/10
To see a video on using totsbots easyfits V2 visit-

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Maxi Cosi Pebble & FamilyFix base

First impressions of the Maxi-Cosi Pebble, well i have to say i was very impressed. I loved the style of the seat it reminds me of an egg shape ideal for protecting my little bundle of joy. The seat is a group 0+ infant carseat suitable from birth to 13kg. I choose the Jet black colourway, i played it safe although i new i was having a girl and loved the Marble pink. The seat is not one of the lightest of all seats weighing in at 4.1kg but for me i thought more weight, more protection.
Key features: Isofix compatible with the Maxi- Cosi Familyfix base or EasyBase 2 or can be used with a 3-point seat belt. The carseat can be used in an adjustable upright position for older babies (3 position recline) when used with the familyfix base and has a stay open harness. The harness and headrest adjusts together and easily as child grows. The carseat comes with a head hugger, newborn support pillow, chest and buckle pads and a sun canopy.
I found the stay open harness a great help as usually the harness gets lost under baby on most carseats and i used to end up struggling when i had my first daughter 5yrs ago, we had a different seat back then.
I like the length of the carseat as my girls are quite tall and i wanted a seat she will remain in for the time the seat is needed. She has just turned 1 year old and still fits in the pebble with plenty of head room, her legs have started to come over the edge, this is totally fine and we just recline the seat on the base to allow her to stretch her legs, i think this is a great benefit as i find alot of little ones tend to outgrow the seat length wise before the maximum weight limit is reached and although this is completely safe and child will still be quite comfy its nice to allow them to stretch their little legs or in our case not so little, and allow them to see a little bit more. For newborns the support pillow allows baby to lie in a more flat sleeping position, supporting their back and spine alot more and the head hugger was great as it can easily be adjusted to suit your little ones head size and shape and can be opend out as they grow. Since my daughter is now getting quite big we are obviously not using the support pillow or head hugger now but the seat still offers her so much protection. The covers and chest pads are removable for washing and i found these easy enough to come off and on and drying time was quite quick too. You can purchase the Pebble footmuff for the winter times, it's like a mini sleeping bag and keeps little one snug and warm.

We also have the Familyfix Base which makes a very hectic life style so much easier, especially when i'm rushing off to take my eldest to school. Before purchasing i checked to make sure my vehicle was on the maxi-cosi compatibility list which it was, the list can be found at The  Familyfix base is a semi -universal isofix base that will last from birth to 18kg (this base can be used with the Maxi-cosi Pearl, group 1 seat) it is connected into the vehicle using the fixed anchorage points. When i fitted it into my car it was solid and felt extremely secure, the base has light and sound indicators to confirm correct installation which gives great peace of mind especially for my partner who's not the best at fitting carseats. The base can be easily removed if needs be, although it is very heavy but then again all isofix seats or bases are heavy. Overall i think the Pebble is smart, stylish & practical and comes in some great colours, so easy to use with the base and something i would definately recommend to others.
Rating: 10/10

Friday, 3 June 2011

Quinny Buzz 3 Review (2009 model)

Well i have to say on first look at the Buzz..WoW! it's so very stylish. I purchased this for the arrival of my daughter in May 10. After purchasing a big heavy travel system for my eldest 5yrs ago i swore that i wouldn't make the same mistake again. The Buzz appeared quite light weight for a travel system, easy to manoeuvre, easy to switch between pushchair and car seat mode and easy to put up and down and all these boxes were ticked. It done everything i needed it to do.

Freya aged 1yr in parent facing mode
I decided when purchasing that i would buy the pushchair (strawberry colourway) and the maxi-cosi pebble car seat (jet black colourway) that can be attached to the chassis using the included adaptors. I didn't bother getting the carrycot as to be honest i can be quite lazy when it comes to walking and most of the time i opt to use the car, which is why i invested in a more top of the range car seat. Had i of been a one for walking and using public transport then i would recommend the dreami carrycot so your newborn can lie completely flat and all enclosed especially for winter times. I however opted for the pushchair with the cosytoes to make it that bit more padded for my little one.

with cosytoes
The Buzz is so smooth to push, really easy to manoeuvre with one hand, which i need as generally i have one hand on my 5yr old and another on the pushchair. The back two wheels are pneumatic tyres and the front wheel is a solid swivel wheel.

Whats included i hear you ask... well with this model you get two seat pads a soft padded one suitable from birth to about 18mnths, and a thinner wipe clean wider seat pad suitable from approx 18mnths to roughly 3yrs. The sun canopy (hood) chest pads and raincover are also included, and with this model you also get the buzz box (little black bag on the back).

The handle bar is adjustable in height with a quick press of a button, the bumper is fully removable making getting a wriggly toddler in and out far easier. The foot rest can also be adjusted up or down. The seat unit can face either the parent or in can be turned around to go forward facing, in parent facing mode the seat has two recline positions and forward facing it has 3 recline positions. The feature i love is the unique gas-spring automatic unfolding mechanism, a great benefit.

Rating 10/10

Review: C-J's original BUTTer

C-J's original BUTTer nappy/diaper balm has recently arrived into the uk and are available to purchase with or you can also purchase direct from the states at C-J is a work at home mum of 3 from Colorado springs and all her products are made from natural ingredients.
I got to try some samples before they were launched into the uk and received them from usa in about 1 week.  As eager as i was i ripped open the packaging with a big smile on my face as this nappy balm is very highly rated in usa, its safe to use with reusable nappies which is a big thumbs up for me as we are cloth users or you could call me a clothbotoholic. My baby girl Freya has lately suffered with quite bad nappy rash where her skin has blistered sometimes causing it to bleed, so you can see why i was so excited to get testing.
The tubs are plain white with a handmade sticker with CJ's butter, product scent and list of ingredients . On opening the tub (small tester pot) I opened 'Monkey farts' yup this is the scent name for this balm and oh boy the smell was amazing, almost like a tropical fruity smell it smelt divine. I also received 'unscented' and 'mango,sugar & mint' and this one is gorgeous too i was very impressed. The BUTTer is made with all natural ingredients Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, cocoa butter and vitamin E. It's really easy to apply to the skin it melts slightly with the warmth of your finger and doesn't have any greasy feeling that some balms can leave and a little goes a long way. Although Freya's rash didn't completely disappear (she needed antibiotics & steroid cream) it did help soothe it and prevented the blisters from cracking and bleeding. Her rash has since been treated with the prescribed cream and has cleared up so im now using CJs as a preventative at each nappy change and hey its working, no rash and no blistering. This product gets the thumbs up from us.

Price: £6.99 for 4oz tub in the uk.
Rating: 9/10