Friday, 23 March 2012

My Buggy Buddy weights review

We were very kindly sent some Buggy Buddy weights for us to test and review, and what a good way to test these on our new Quinny Yezz, the Yezz is a very light weight stroller that can easily tip if any extra weight is added to the handle bars, so by adding the buggy buddy weights to the front of the pushchair this will balance out any shopping or bags added to the handles and avoid tipping especially when your child is taken out of the pushchair. I would advice that you do not over load with extra weight as this could put extreme pressure on your pushchair chassis, always follow manufacturers instructions.

The Buggy Buddy weights come in a pack of two, the weights have a cover with a side zip so that the cover can be removed and hand washed. Each weight has two velcro straps that easily wrap around the front part of your pushchair, just thread through the metal loop and pull back through onto the velcro. The velcro straps are quite lengthy so would fit the slimmest to the thickest of frames.
We tested the weights out on the Yezz, applying them to the bottom front bars, and attached three bags using a buggy buddy clip. Now we had just came back from my mums who had kindly given us an electric food steamer and a few other food dishes and containers which were all in a large bag, so just to show you how strong the weights are and that the stroller didn't tip, we took a photo without Freya in.

Although we don't normally carry food steamers on a daily basis we do have to do the school run each morning so with packed lunch boxes, reading folders and gym bags in tow, the Buggy Buddy weights are a great idea, and the stroller folds down and locks together without them getting in the way.

I thought because of the design of my pushchair and how thin the bars were that it would be awkward fitting the Buggy Buddy weights onto it but it was so simple and straight forward, it gives you confidence that your stroller isn't going to tip back over. They are ideal for really light weight pushchairs it gives you that extra reassurance.

These Buggy Buddy weights can be purchased directly from for £12.99.

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