Friday, 11 May 2012

Our time as a Quinnycaster has now came to an end

Well our time of being a Quinnycaster has now came to an end. We have had a brilliant experience working alongside Quinny in testing the brand new Yezz stroller.

Although at the beginning things didn't go so smoothly when we found out we wouldn't be testing the lovely Quinny Senzz after much waiting... and after a long wait we were finally told that 10 of us would be testing the new Quinny Yezz and the other 10 would be testing the new Quinny Moodd.

The time has passed so quick since our little pink Yezz was delivered just in time for Christmas, we took part in Quinny missions, creating videos, blogging and generally having fun along with it.
So we would like to say a huge thank you to the Quinny team, for choosing us from so many to join them in their quest, we have had a wonderful time and are very grateful for this great opportunity.

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